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Guangzhou DOY Label Co., Ltd.
Fabricant sur mesure
Principaux produits:Accessoires de vêtement, imprimante, imprimant des consommables, tapis en caoutchouc, tapis
Competitive OEM factorySuppliers fortune 500 companiesOEM for well-known brandsSocially responsible


Main product
0,25 $US - 0,69 $US
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pièces
Main product
0,03 $US - 0,15 $US
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2500 pièces
9 orders
Main product
0,49 $US - 0,89 $US
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pièces
55 orders
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4.9 /5
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Great Quality and price! Quick response and worked well with our designs.
    Good quality and great service.

      Réponse du fournisseur :

      Thank you, we are so lucky to meet such a sweat customer like you. Your satisfication is our motivation, we will keep doing our best for you any time ,any where if you need any help,pls feel free let me know. Look forward to hearing from you.
      16 May 2024
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